Our Goodwill Ambassadors are officially recognized by GGB to represent us when delivering funds to the beneficiaries of our projects. They often travel abroad and personally deliver the funds. 

Carlos Gabriel Velasco

Carlos Gabriel Velasco
Carlos was born in Ahuachapán, El Salvador, but now lives in San Salvador, El Salvador with his wife Irene Gonzalez, who is a physiotherapist, and six-year old lovely daughter, Montserrat.

He graduated from the Instituto Tecnologico Centro Americano (ITCA) as an Electrical Technical Engineer and currently works as an avionics technician for an international airline.

During his free time, he likes to drink coffee and being close to nature by keeping bees and planting trees.

Cristina Para
Cristina is currently an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Sciences program. She also works with children and adolescents who have autism, and aspires to continue working with young individuals in the future.

Throughout the school year, Cristina enjoys volunteering with different organizations around the community. In the summer, she travels with family and friends, and joins volunteer programs that are offered abroad. During her free time, she likes to work on art projects, or participate in volleyball games and tournaments.

Cristina also volunteers for us.

Gustavo Balcaceres
Gus is an Avionic Electronic Technician by profession. He is married to Patricia and together, have two lovely daughters. They visit Peru, Patricia's homeland, every year. During each of their visits, they make a point of travelling outside their usual path to visit a local orphanage and bring the children toys and other necessities from generous donations that they have received.

Kasim Kasim, Owner of Padmanadi Restaurant, Picture taken by Buffy Goodman
(Photo taken by Buffy Goodman)

Kasim Kasim
Kasim is a humanitarian, philanthropist, music enthusiast, and owner of a very popular vegan restaurant, Padmanadi in Edmonton, Alberta. With his boundless energy, charismatic personality and winning smile, he makes instant friends with all who comes into his restaurant.

Kasim did not have an easy childhood growing up in Jakarta. He vowed that if he ever became successful, he would give back to those who are less fortunate than him. He has been true to his own promise. Since the success of his first restaurant in Jakarta, he has given back to his community, locally and internationally. Following natural disasters in Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, and Nepal, he successfully fundraised to donate towards relief efforts. Because he cares about the well-being of people, he also travels to these countries to personally cook for them as well. GGB is proud to have Kasim as one our Goodwill Ambassadors.

Vo Ngoc Khoi

Khoi Ngoc Vo
Khoi was born in South Vietnam and is currently a retired civil engineer.  As a former impoverished student growing up, Khoi understands the financial difficulties of students in need. Therefore, in 2000, with his friend from Paris, France, they started the Vietnam Goodwill Scholarship Program (VGSP), or Quy Hoc Bong in Vietnamese. The Program has been supported by more than 70 sponsors from around the world and has granted more than 200 scholarships for students in many universities from North to South Vietnam.

Khoi is involved with many non-profit and charity organizations in Edmonton and Vietnam. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, working out and playing outdoor activities.

Lan Tu Nguyen
Nguyen Tu Lan is blessed with two daughters, two sons-in-laws, and four wonderful grand-children. After suffering a tragic loss with the passing of her beloved husband, she needed to find strength to overcome the deep sadness that has taken over life. She decided to devote three months from February to April, 2014 to visit Vietnam with the purpose of doing charity work in orphanages, shelters for the disabled, shelters for seniors, and children's hospitals. With the donations from generous supporters of Generously Giving Back, Mrs. Nguyen Tu Lan has found purpose in her life again..


Linh Loan
Besides being one of GGB's Ambassadors, is also one of the founders of Com Thien Nguyen (Volunteers who purchase and cook meals for those in needs). Loan and her friends volunteer their time to help delivery goods and cook food for others in need in Quang Ngai Province in central Vietnam.

Minh Quang Tran
Speaking both English and Vietnamese fluently, Minh has been working as a freelance tour guide in Hanoi, Vietnam for 7 years. He was born and raised in Hanoi. He and his wife have a beautiful 7 year old daughter.

Minh often travels throughout the regions of Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia and China. While travelling in the North Eastern and North Western Regions of Vietnam, he participates with local philanthropists to assist with charity projects such as distribution of warm clothing and gifts to impoverished children in the Northern Highlands. Minh believes that one can give back within his or her means. Even a simple gesture or a small gift matters as long as it is from the heart..

Quang Duc Nguyen
Nguyen Duc Quang is one of the first students to receive a scholarship from the Vietnamese Goodwill Scholarship Program (VGSP) after it started in 2000. VGSP supported him until he graduated from university in 2006 from engineering.

After graduating, Quang decided to give back to the Program that helped him to have a good career. In 2010, he established an executive board to utilize the internet as a medium of advertising VGSP to reach more students. They created a website, an email user group, a fan page on Facebook, and actively participated on many related forums and websites. Their efforts were rewarded as year by year, VGSP became very popular with students from all areas of Vietnam.

Quang continues to search for qualified students to help in his role as Goodwill Ambassador for GGB.

Patricia Balcaceres
Patricia (Peruvian Canadian), a Speech Pathologist, full time working mother of 2 lovely daughters is married to Gus (Salvadorian Canadian) an Avionic Electronic Technician; they visit Peru annually; when they do visit Peru, they often travel outside their usual path and will visit a local orphanage to bring the children toys and necessities. Generously Patricia and Gus have given their time and dedication to deliver every donated dollar to the Peruvian Orphans.

Sandra Butters
Sandra Butters is the President of a successful heating and ventilation company. She has travelled across the world, and has financially supported charities as well as involving herself personally with Mercy Touch Mission International in Zambia, Africa.

Sandra started the Feeding Program in Zambia that help feed infants and malnourished children. She has helped to expand the Mercy Touch's orphanage in Zambia by building a resident for the orphans, and helping them purchase a farmland for cultivation. Sandra travels to Zambia at least once a year to provide any assistance she can to help the children of Zambia. She plays an integral role in building Generous Giving Back Inc.

Tran Thi Chi Lan - GGB's Goodwill Ambassador

Tran Thi Chi Lan
Chi Lan lives in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam, is an accountant by profession, and a mother of two, a boy and a girl. To her, charity is not huge work, or anything extra special.

She organizes multiple charity trips a year to the unreachable villages and mountainous areas to distribute packaged necessities for the local people in need. Chi Lan is one of our direct liasons from Canada to Vietnam and is our project puzzle finisher.

She believes that even though we think our lives are difficult, we are still richer and have more opportunities for a better life than most people. As she puts it, “If we do not care, then who will? If each person can share just a little bit, then it will bring happiness to a lot of people.”