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Susan Cao Balcaceres - Marketing Director for GGBSusan Cao Balcaceres
CEO and Marketing Director

Susan is a Project Manager of a metal building manufacturing company, a proud mother of two fantastic boys, and is married to her best friend who supports her in all of life’s adventures. Susan’s drive for charity work comes from being a mother and remembering her early years as an immigrant to Canada.

Susan greatly appreciates her parents' sacrifices when they narrowly escaped Vietnam by boat to gain freedom and to seek a better life. She witnessed her father's strength, perseverance and good work ethics as he did physical work in Alberta's cold temperatures to ensure that his family is provided with the basic necessities. Even then, her mom taught her generosity by saving what little they had to give to those less fortunate than them.

She is grateful to be surrounded by friends and family who fully support her charitable projects. Although her first few projects were focused on helping orphans and disabled children in Vietnam, she has extended her giving to include ailing seniors, abandoned people, and underprivileged families in different parts of the world. She believes that there are no boundaries to charity work. All of the projects that she accomplished successfully in a five year-span in the past have been the heart and soul that have created Generously Giving Back.
Rebecca Marcil - Communications Director for GGBRebecca Marcil
President and Communications Director

Although Rebecca Marcil currently works as a Business Analyst for the Alberta government, she has been involved in a diverse array of positions in the I.T. field, from interactive multimedia projects that included an educational game, to larger more complex business applications.

Rebecca's desire to help those who are disadvantaged stems from her experiences with her family's early struggles after arriving in Canada. She feels fortunate to have been able to pursue her goals, academically, professionally and personally, that she may not have had the opportunity to do in many other places in the world.

Now that she has been a mother of two wonderful girls for a number of years, the importance of a stable, supportive and stimulating home life for an individual's well-being and development has become more decisively apparent. All these factors combined contribute to the personal satisfaction that Rebecca gains from helping to alleviate or lessen the hardships that others may face in their daily lives.
sharlaSharla Lupul

Sharla Lupul was appointed the position of Treasurer with GGB and, as a CMA, brings a solid financial background. In this role, Sharla will focus on being ethical and transparent by ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies and being accountable to our many generous donors.

Ms. Lupul’s background includes ten years’ experience working for Canada Revenue Agency as a tax auditor followed by 2 years’ experience as a financial investigator with Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission. Sharla received her Certified Management Accountant designation in 2011.

Sharla is happily married and has two awesome kids. She enjoys spending time with her family and watching proudly as her children succeed in their adventures. She has played ringette for over 30 years and now enjoys coaching her daughter’s ringette team. In the summer, you will find Sharla camping and boating with her family. In the winter she is either at a hockey arena or on the slopes snowboarding.

Although she is a busy working Mom, she is inspired by the generosity of others and always willing to give back in order to help the less fortunate, near or far. Sharla is honored by this opportunity and looks forward to being a part of GGB’s success!