Special thank you to our volunteers who made our events so successful.

Brian Duoc Cao - Cao Photography

Brian Duoc Cao
Brian is an accountant with a special talent for capturing beautiful moments in time. His works are displayed at Photographic Salon Exhibitors Association of Alberta, Canada but he also shares them with the world through Facebook, Google+, and Flickr. As Brian says, “Photography requires a state of mind calmness and patience. Nothing but through the lens, the subject connect to the emotion and feeling. It is about feel of view, not field of view. You change the angle of view for a better photograph, but why not change the point of view in life for better a perspective. If I ever get a famous photograph, I didn't capture it. My soul did and it is yours.”

Brian and his wife have been strong supporters of GGB’s projects since the beginning of its existence, and he graciously volunteers for GGB at key events.

Cristina-Para - Volunteer for GGB

Cristina Para
Cristina is currently an undergraduate student in the Bachelor of Sciences program. She also works with children and adolescents who have autism, and aspires to continue working with young individuals in the future.

Throughout the school year, Cristina enjoys volunteering with different organizations around the community. In the summer, she travels with family and friends, and joins volunteer programs that are offered abroad. During her free time, she likes to work on art projects, or participate in volleyball games and tournaments.

Cristina is also our Goodwill Ambassador

Janan Jomba - Volunteer for GGB

Janan is currently an instructor at Elite Taekwondo and has achieved her 3rd dan black belt. She has been training in taekwondo for 16 years and has even competed at a national level.

Janan is currently working towards a degree in biology at the U of A and enjoys school and learning new things everyday. She hopes to one day become a teacher or a dentist as she loves to work with people, especially kids.

Her drive for volunteering comes from the passion she has for bringing happiness to other people.


Lucy Carvalho - volunteer for GGB

Lucy Carvalho
I am a Licensed Mortgage Broker and an Accredited Mortgage Professional with Axiom Mortgage Solutions.  I have 14 years experience as a mortgage brokers and over 21 years of experience in the finance industry, including roles as a Financial Advisor and Manager within a large bank.  I recently received an award for Outstanding Sales through our brokerage. 

I enjoy spending time with my husband, our two daughters, and dogs, either going for walks, biking or playing board games.

I volunteer to give back to our community and to help those that others have turned a blind eye to.  I believe that a simple smile, hug and small gesture can change a person’s day for the better.

Moon Trueman

Moon Trueman

Mostafa Moharram - Volunteer for GGB

Mostafa Moharram
Mostafa is studying at the U of A towards a degree in pharmacology, and hopes to continue his education afterwards by going to medical school. He loves learning about how science can be used to help solve health problems and that drives him to pursue medicine, and also it’s the motivation for him to volunteer with GGB.  He volunteers because he feels that he has the ability to do so much good with what he learns. Helping GGB is a small step towards his future career where he will get to help people all the time.

Outside of school, he loves to work out, go on walks, and has a black belt in taekwondo.  He also spends way too much of his spare time playing video games.

Sandra Oliver - Volunteer for GGB


Thelicia Chen - Volunteer for GGB


Thelicia Chen