2022 Reporting Period Snapshot




How We Fundraise

Our charity has implemented a multifaceted approach to fundraising, incorporating various strategies to ensure sustained support for our cause.

Through generous donations from our compassionate community, we have been able to make a tangible impact on the lives of those in need. Our highly anticipated galas serve as not only fundraising events but also as opportunities for our patrons to come together and celebrate the spirit of giving. Additionally, our annual golf tournaments have proven to be a successful avenue for engaging our supporters in friendly competition while raising funds for our initiatives. We have also cultivated meaningful sponsorships, forging partnerships with businesses that share our commitment to making a positive difference in the world. With these diverse fundraising initiatives, we are able to expand our reach and continue our mission of fostering meaningful change in our society.


How Your Dollar is Spent

We are dedicated to ensuring that every dollar of your donation directly benefits the recipients of our projects. None of the Members or Goodwill Ambassadors at GGB receive any form of payment. Similarly, our volunteers are not compensated for their contributions. Any travel expenses incurred by our board Members or Goodwill Ambassadors are self-funded. Additionally, administrative fees are covered by the Members of GGB.


How We Ensure Your Dollar Reaches Its Intended Recipients

We take our responsibility to your donated dollars seriously.

Our Goodwill ambassadors personally oversee the delivery of funds, food, clothing, and other essential items to the beneficiaries. They enter into a legally binding agreement with us, assuming full responsibility for all items delivered or distributed.

For transparency and audit purposes, we meticulously maintain documented receipts that explicitly display the amount spent and distributed. Additionally, we retain other essential legal documents related to the beneficiary project. Mandatory photographic evidence is taken for verification purposes. Moreover, we ensure that detailed records including beneficiaries' information, contact details, and location are meticulously documented.


Financial Statements


Canada Revenue Agency

Our organization upholds the highest levels of accountability and integrity in all our operations, ensuring that our donors' contributions are utilized effectively and in accordance with the guidelines set forth by Canada Revenue Agency.