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Susan Cao Balcaceres - CEO and Marketing DirectorSusan Cao
CEO and Marketing Director

Susan is a Project Manager of a metal building manufacturing company. Susan’s drive for charity work comes from being a mother and remembering her early years as an immigrant to Canada. Susan appreciates her parents' sacrifices when they escaped Vietnam by boat to seek a better life. She saw her father's strength, perseverance and work ethics as he did physical work in Alberta's cold temperatures to provide for his family with the basic necessities. Even then, her mom taught her generosity by saving what little they had to give to those less fortunate than them.

She is grateful to have friends and family who support her charitable projects. Her first few projects focused on helping orphans and disabled children in Vietnam. Later on, she extended her giving to ailing seniors, abandoned people, and underprivileged families in different parts of the world. She believes that there are no boundaries to charity work. All the projects that she accomplished in a five year-span in the past have been the heart and soul that have created Generously Giving Back.
Rebecca Marcil - President and Communications DirectorRebecca Marcil
President and Communications Director

Rebecca is currently a Business Analyst/Project Manager for the Government of Alberta, but have over 15 years’ experience in various roles in I.T. Rebecca has also seen her family's early struggles after arriving in Canada. She feels lucky to have been able to pursue academic, professional and personal goals. Now, she gets personal satisfaction from lessening the hardships that those less fortunate face in their daily lives.
Sharla Lupul - TreasurerSharla Lupul

Sharla brings a solid financial background to her role as Treasurer with her CPA credentials. She ensures GGB acts ethically, complies with all regulatory agencies, and is accountable to our members and many generous donors. Sharla has ten years’ experience working for Canada Revenue Agency as an Auditor followed by several years' experience as a Financial Investigator with AGLC.

Sharla is inspired by how generous people are and strives to ensure that the funds entrusted to GGB are accounted for accurately and in the best interest of the donors.