We have partnered with the Vietnamese Goodwill Scholarship Program (VGSP) to find qualified students for our GGB Scholarship Program. We work closely with the following Board Members of VGSP.

Vo Ngoc Khoi

Khoi Ngoc Vo
Khoi was born in South Vietnam and is currently a retired civil engineer.  As a former impoverished student growing up, Khoi understands the financial difficulties of students in need. Therefore, in 2000, with his friend from Paris, France, they started the Vietnam Goodwill Scholarship Program (VGSP), or Quy Hoc Bong in Vietnamese. The Program has been supported by more than 70 sponsors from around the world and has granted more than 200 scholarships for students in many universities from North to South Vietnam.

Khoi is involved with many non-profit and charity organizations in Edmonton and Vietnam. In his spare time, he enjoys listening to music, working out and playing outdoor activities.

Quang Duc Nguyen
Nguyen Duc Quang is one of the first students to receive a scholarship from the Vietnamese Goodwill Scholarship Program (VGSP) after it started in 2000. VGSP supported him until he graduated from university in 2006 from engineering.

After graduating, Quang decided to give back to the Program that helped him to have a good career. In 2010, he established an executive board to utilize the internet as a medium of advertising VGSP to reach more students. They created a website, an email user group, a fan page on Facebook, and actively participated on many related forums and websites. Their efforts were rewarded as year by year, VGSP became very popular with students from all areas of Vietnam.

Quang continues to search for qualified students to help in his role as Goodwill Ambassador for GGB.