Special thank you to our volunteers who made our events so successful.

Moon Trueman

Moon Trueman
Moon Trueman is a pharmacist with CapitalCare. She is happy to be part of the Generously Giving Back family. She has volunteered and sat on boards for many non-profit charity organizations and is an active community member. She enjoys travelling and spending time with her husband and three teenage boys.

"I am so fortunate to live the life that I live right now. I feel that it’s important to do what is in our power to help those in need and to teach the life skills of love, compassion and empathy to our children, so that they can pass this onto future generations.”


Liem Banh
Liem was one of the founding members of GGB who has discovered that he enjoys helping at the front lines. He is a Volunteer and Goodwill Ambassador for GGB, a system administrator, and an avid recreational volleyball player.

Liem also enjoys camping, hiking, and general outdoor activities in the back country.

Jack Nguyen

Jack Nguyen

Cherie Vu

Mostafa Moharram - Volunteer for GGB

Mostafa Moharram
Mostafa is studying at the U of A towards a degree in pharmacology, and hopes to continue his education afterwards by going to medical school. He loves learning about how science can be used to help solve health problems and that drives him to pursue medicine, and also it’s the motivation for him to volunteer with GGB.  He volunteers because he feels that he has the ability to do so much good with what he learns. Helping GGB is a small step towards his future career where he will get to help people all the time.

Outside of school, he loves to work out, go on walks, and has a black belt in taekwondo.  He also spends way too much of his spare time playing video games.

Thelicia Dang


Thelicia Dang
Thelicia is a single mother of four, grandmother of one and totally rocking both the roles of mom and dad! She works full time as a department manager.  Between home life and work, she finds time to enjoy paddling with her OCC family.

She has been with GGB from the very beginning and volunteers when and however she can. One of the most important lessons she wants to teach her children is to generously give without any expectations. For her, giving is not only about money. It’s about time, kindness and heart. She is trying to lead by example, and believes that it all starts at home.



David Carvalho

David is a NAIT graduate from the Civil Engineering Technology program and has been self-employed for over 18 years as a business owner and partner.  He has over 25 years of experience in the engineering and drafting field with specialization in the precast concrete industry.

David is a proud dad to two beautiful girls and is a dog / animal lover.  He enjoys spending time with family, friends, listening to music, watching movies or just sitting on a patio sipping coffee with friends.  He loves the mountains, skiing, golfing, attending concerts, taking long walks, exploring sites while travelling and wasting time relaxing on a sunny beach.

“I believe we are so fortunate to live in such an inclusive, safe, tolerant, prosperous nation and community that it is an honour and privilege to be able to give back to those less fortunate among us and around the world.  Especially in providing basic necessities to those in need while giving a hand up as well as supporting education initiatives in particular for women and girls all over the world.”



Dayami Leavey

Cristina-Para - Volunteer for GGB

Cristina Orobio
Cristina is a Psychology graduate who is currently working with families through Children’s Services. She plans to continue her education by pursuing her Masters in either Counselling or Clinical Psychology. In the past, she has worked with children and adolescents who have autism, and she aspires to continue working with vulnerable young individuals. Alongside of Generously Giving Back, she has volunteered for various organizations both locally and abroad. Her most memorable project so far was at an orphanage in Davao City, Philippines working with children who have various disabilities.

Cristina enjoys travelling, exploring new cities, and eating different types of food. She also loves to play volleyball and attend hot yoga classes. During her down time, she likes to express her art in the form of baking and decorating sweet treats. On weekends, you can find Cristina and hubby visiting local restaurants, cafes, and dessert shops all around the city – it’s their favourite thing to do!

Cristina is also our Goodwill Ambassador

Izzy - volunteer for GGB

Isabelle Skovberg 

Isabelle is a 16 year old high school student in grade 11, working towards the goal of obtaining a degree in social work, and eventually law.
She comes from a family of 5 and is very family orientated. She has interests in helping others as well as being an active part of her community.  She believes GGB is an important part of her life and contributes to her community in helping others.  GGB inspires her to continue to contribute positively to the world and be kind.
Her interests include fitness and working on cars with her dad. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, working out and reading. Isabelle shares the passion of helping others with those around her at GGB.

Sandra Oliver - Volunteer for GGB


Zee - GGB volunteer


Zee Flory