Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you support?

Anyone can propose any beneficiary. However, the GGB members will have to unanimously approve and vote to support.
GGB will help anyone that is in need both abroad and near. However, GGB members will have to unanimously approve and vote to support.
GGB members shall define the maximum number of beneficiaries per fiscal year. GGB members shall define the amount towards certain charity projects after assessing and verifying the level of need and support. GGB members will have to unanimously approve and vote to support.
GGB will help anyone that is in need both abroad and near. The majority of our projects are international as the Canadian dollar stretches so much farther in many of the countries we assist.

But we are also committed to helping locally and donate our time and resources to a variety of causes, such as Edmonton Food Bank, Boyle Street and its various programs, Santa’s Anonymous, Christmas Bureau, and local families in need, to name a few.


GGB is a registered charity (registration #: 811578186 RR0001) and do issue official tax deductible receipts for your donation. If you would like to claim a charitable tax credit or deduction, or make a donation, contact us at with your request/donation.
All of the members and Goodwill Ambassadors of GGB do not get paid a salary. Any volunteers who help us are also unpaid.

Administrative fees are covered by members of GGB. Members pay out of their pocket for other expenses to ensure that the maximum amount of your donated dollars is directedtowards the beneficiaries of our projects. Our Goodwill Ambassadors donate their time and also pay their own travel costs.
We take our responsibility to your donated dollars seriously.

Goodwill ambassadors deliver the funds, food, clothes, necessities, etc. They sign a legally binding contract with us such that they are accountable for all items delivered or distributed to the beneficiaries.

Documented receipts clearly showing the dollar amount spent and distributed are kept along with other legal documents pertinent to the beneficiary project for both transparency as well as audit purposes. Pictures for verification are mandatory. Beneficiaries' information, contact information, location, etc. must also be documented.

Organization and Recruitment

A member has the right to nominate and vote for the Board of Directors and on all issues involving GGB. A director is a person who is appointed to serve on the board, and is personally liable for GGB. A goodwill ambassador can be a member, director or another person who is officially recognized by GGB to represent us when delivering funds to the beneficiaries of our projects. They often travel abroad and deliver funds directly to the beneficiaries. Funds are usually transferred in the form of goods such as food, clothing, basic necessity items, and others. A goodwill ambassador must be unanimously approved by GGB members, and cover 100% of their own travel and accommodation expenses when travelling on a project for GGB. All ambassadors, members, directors, volunteers of GGB must be ethical, fair, committed, reliable, trustworthy, competent, compassionate and respectful.

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