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Fit & Fab and Inspire Fitness Fundraising Event

September 2014, the GGB Team

2014 Fitness fundraising event

What spectacular fun we had with two back to back excellent work out sessions in one fun evening as Beachbody Certified Cherrie-Ann Borres Zem (Fit & Fab) and Kim Borres (Inspire for Fitness) whipped us all into shape with some sweaty physical fun for a good cause with our Fit & Fab and Inspire Fitness Fundraising Event.  

Starting with Kim’s most intense Boot Camp Session who pushed us to our limits, going from zero to full speed for a good 30 minutes with explosive muscle-searing exercises.  We were drenched in sweat afterwards.  This was followed by a rejuvenating PiYO (Pilates and Yoga combined) with Cherrie with moves designed to define every inch of your body without bulking up or straining your joints.  It was a low-impact, high-intensity workout giving you strength training, flexibility, and cardio – all in one! We had participants from their early twenties to participants in their early seventies.  All thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, especially Mr. Vo Ngoc Khoi who put us all in shame when he was able to perform several chin-ups!!  

We are grateful of Professor Rodrigo Resende to allow us to use the Rodrigo Resende Academy for this Fundraising Event.