2017 – Year in Review

2017 year in review header

We completed 18 projects in 6 countries


Festive turkey dinner
Gave Christmas hampers to six families who are either single parents, or single income earners who live in lower cost housing.

While all of us looked forward to this special time of the year, the food, the family, and the presents from Santa, we could not help but think about the families who are struggling to make ends meet. In December 2017, we increased our donation to Edmonton Food Bank and delivered 197 kg (433 lbs) of most needed items.

Donated 23 purses to Boyle Street Community Services, Edmonton, stuffed with basic necessity items for women.


2017-10-temple-nepal (1)
Goodwill Ambassador, Kasim, purchased basic food items for an orphanage and also helped cook.

Generously Giving Back's Goodwill Ambassador Kasim delivered food items for DOCSF, who takes care of destitute and orphan children, and also helped cook a delicious meal for everyone there.


GGB's Ambassador, Cristina Para, packed some essential items for 90+ families in two very small districts in Nueva Vizcay, Philippines, called Santo Fernando and Santo Nino.


Hogar de Ancianos Llanos Magana cares for 70 people within the age range of 80 to 100 years old. They had suffered fire damages recently, so GGB Ambassador Carlos Velasco along with volunteers delivered hygiene products, food and blood pressure monitors.


2017-11 Lai Chau, Vietnam
Generously Giving Back's Goodwill Ambassador Chi Lan traveled from Saigon, located in south Vietnam, to personally distribute necessities to the families  in the northwest region of Vietnam. She spent a few days in the area to distribute items like rice, noodle, dried fish, sugar, salt, water tanks, and a few others.

Apdolo, 52 years old, is paralyzed since the age of 10 years old. He crawls around on his knees to get about, hence, why he wears knee pads. Married with 3 children, his oldest 18 year old son would search for crabs and snails. His wife, 16 year old daughter and 14 year old son would then sell what they find daily in the market to provide for the whole family.

2017-05-hue-mobile-chair (3)
80 years old cu Hue lives in Dakdve, Dakteley, Mang Yang (central highlands Vietnam). She is leprosy survivor who has lost a leg. She is currently in the care of her son who was also diagnosed with leprosy.

2017-11 Lai Chau, Vietnam
Purchased notebooks, pens, and warm coats for children living in four boarding schools

Nguyen Van Nhung, as a result of a high fever at the age of 11, had his left leg paralyzed. At 66 years old, he is single with no family. With the mobile chair he is able to care for himself better by earning a living selling lottery tickets or trinkets.

2017-04-he-mobile-chair-vietnam (3)
Nguyễn Thị Hẹ is a 66 year-old widow from Châu Đốc, Vietnam. Her one leg was lost and the other one was paralyzed during the bombing of the 1975 war. The GGB mobile chair was delivered to her on April 9th, 2017 to allow her to move around better so she can sell lottery tickets /fruits/vegetables to survive independently.

Trần Kim Khuynh, 49 years old, is single with no family. Due to diabetes, his right leg was amputated just weeks ago. With this mobile chair, he will be able to gain independence, earning a living by selling lottery tickets.

2017-03-mobile-chairs-vietnam (6)
Phan Thi Tuyet, 45 years old, and Le Thi Nho, 36yrs old, from Tan Chau, An Giang Province, Vietnam have been disabled since they were toddlers. As adults, they have been dragging themselves around selling lottery tickets to survive and support their families.

2017-09-lu-van-an-mobile-chair-vietnam (4)
Mr. Lu Van An is a war veteran with an amputated left leg. Due to a traffic accident, he is left with a fractured pelvis as well. He lives with his daughter who has ovarian cancer in a tiny shelter. With the mobile chair, he will be able to move around more to sell lottery tickets and nick knacks to support himself and his daughter.


2017-05-families in zambia
GGB supporters donated clothes and essential items to each persons in 14 families living in Ndola, Zambia. Overall, approximately 70 bags were given.

Made monetary contributions that went towards food purchases. Susan Balcaceres, our CEO, assisted in cooking meals for malnourished children as part of their Feeding Program.

15 Scholarships and 1 award to Vietnamese students:

Hang, one of our GGB Scholarship recipients, received an award for graduating from the Faculty of Corporate Finance. We are so proud of Hang's hard work and achievement!

2017-vietnam-scholarships (2)
Some of our post-secondary GGB scholarship recipients.

Provided 2 high school scholarships. Loi recently lost his father to cancer this year. Han also recently lost her uncle and guardian to cancer just days ago. GGB scholarships will allow them to complete their education.

Helped the Following People Directly:

5 families, 23 women in Edmonton

70 seniors in El Salvador

100+ children in Nepal


90+ families in Philippines

8 individuals, 84+ families, 4 boarding schools in Vietnam

70 people or 14 families in Zambia 

Raised $56,000 from donations and fundraising!

Received $8,000 in donated gifts!