Abandoned children in Hanoi, Vietnam

2015 – Hanoi, Vietnam – Pagoda for Abandonned Children

Beneficiary: Abandoned children

Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

Date: January 2015

As the four of us were sitting in a taxi in Hanoi, a city in North Vietnam, the taxi driver mentioned a Pagoda nearby that takes care of abandoned children.    Immediately, our morning plans were redirected to visiting the Pagoda.  There are 53 abandoned children living there ranging from just a few months old to 10 years old.    After visiting with the children and assessing their living quarters, GGB board members decided to take Lady Monk Ni Co Tue Huong to the supermarket to purchase diapers, milk powder, and cooking spices (flavouring congee and soups).   This was one of our impromptu projects.  Since child trafficking is a major concern, we are unable to name the Pagoda.