2015 – Quang Ngai, Vietnam – Underprivileged Individuals

Location: Quang Ngai Province, Vietnam

Beneficiary: Underpriviledged Individuals

Date:     April 2015

GGB’s Ambassador, Linh Loan, is also one of the founders of COM THIEN NGUYEN (Volunteers who purchase and cook meals for those in
needs). Loan and her friends volunteered their time to help deliver and distribute necessities to people in need in Quang Ngai
(Central Vietnam) during her Lunar New Year visit to her hometown

Overall, they helped the following people:

  •  Nguyễn thị Mỹ Hạnh – a grade 7 student who lives with his 78 year old blind grandfather because his father passed away from a work accident
  • Lê thị Vy – a grade 6 orphan
  • Võ Văn – suffers from Herbicide Dioxin Orange
  • Bùi Thị Phiếu – a lonely fragile senior
  • Nguyễn Truong Phương – a grade 2 student whose father passed away
  • Trần Thị Chung – a 40 year old mentally ill girl, living with her mother who is almost legally blind
  • Lê Văn Phong – a grade 3 student whose parents abandoned him, and who is now living with his grandparents. Each day he walks 5 km to school.
  • Cô Chín Thôn – a lonely fragile senior
  • Cụ Hải – an 86 year old fragile senior. Linh Loan helped by giving her cash.
  • Chị Thuận – a disabled adult