2015 – Soc Trang Province, Vietnam – Disabled

Beneficiary: The disabled in the village of Vinh Châu

Location: Sóc Trang Province, Vietnam

Date:     May 2015

Sóc Trang Province, Village Vinh Châu - has approximately 1200 disabled people, mostly visually impaired.
With the volunteer group, accompanied by our GGB Ambassador Minh Quan, GGB was able to financially help 1/3 of the project with the
supply of 44,000kg of RICE - to distribute to the disabled in the village. Along with rice, there was also necessities, mosquito
nets, and blankets for 500 recipients donated by others.
Donations received for this project are:
- Generously Giving Back
- Thinh Le
- Thuy & Phuong
- Nhom (group) Co Liên
- Nhom (group) Ha Thi Nga
- Nhom (group) Phuong Le
- Donators for 500 blankets and 500 mosquito nets.