2015 – Vietnam – Scholarships

Location: Vietnam

Beneficiaries: 8 post-secondary students

Date: January 2015

Generously Giving Back (GGB) collaborated with the Vietnamese Goodwill Scholarship Program(VGSP) to distribute scholarships to eight University students in Vietnam. Four students received scholarships under VFSP GGB Scholarship, and four students received scholarships under the GGB Michael Cao Scholarship Fund.

VGSP is founded in 2000 by a retired Civil Engineer, Mr. Vo Ngoc Khoi from Edmonton, Alberta, and Mr. Nguyen Cu Trinh from France. The scholarship program originated from Quang Ngai Province in Vietnam, where the two founders were born and raised. VGSP assists under-privileged Vietnamese students with academic capabilities to further their education.

Mr. Vo Ngoc Khoi, who is also GGB’s Hononary Patron, is the collaboration bridge between GGB and VGSP’s Board Members. We hope to continue to help underprivileged students to further their education for a brighter future so that one day they can Generously Give Back to others in need.