Zambia – Mercy Touch International

Beneficiaries: Mercy Touch International

Location: Zambia

Date: June 2015, May 2017

In June 2015, Sandra Butters, GGB's Goodwill Ambassador, and the Mercy Touch International's Team (Zee, Martj, Shelley, Scott, Darrell, Michelle, and friends) did an amazing job with the Feeding Program in Zambia.

Sandra and the Team cooked for and  fed over 300 kids that day and sent home 260 bags of enriched Nshima, a very thick porridge made from finely ground corn meal and is the staple of Zambia, with added ground peanuts, raw sugar and ground soy for nutrients and protein.

In May 2017, Susan Balcaceres travelled to Zambia and was a participant when the cooked food was served to the children, mothers and caregivers.

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